"Selfish" Storyboard 

The Wildlands

 Daisy & Eva

Telltale Games Cinematic Artist Test - Sam & Max

Recently I got the chance to take the Cinematic Artist Test for Telltale Games. I was given a script and audio for a Sam & Max game and told to create an animatic based on the material. This was the storyboard I created before performing the final video editing.

Telltale Games Cinematic Artist Test - Sam & Max by ryanrosendal
High School USA! - Storyboard Test

"High School USA!" is a FOX ADHD/Friends Night show that I took a storyboard test for. I was given a few script pages and told to do that storyboard artist thing you do.

"High School USA!" - Storyboard Test by ryanrosendal

Adventure Time - Storyboard Test
After completing the "Regular Show" test I was offered a chance to take a Storyboard Artist Test for Cartoon Network's even bigger hit show, "Adventure Time," created by Pen Ward. I was given a brief synopsis and told to write and stage the sequence in 40 storyboard panels. I loved every moment of it.

Regular Show - Storyboard Revisionist Test
Earlier I had been given the chance to take a Storyboard Revisionist Test for Cartoon Network's hit show, "Regular Show," created by JG Quintel. I was given a brief synopsis and tasked with writing and thumbnailing a 40 panel scene. After that I was to clean-up 10 panels into final polished storyboards. I had a great time putting it together.

Strange Things

Here's a pilot I pitched to the Nickelodeon Comedy Shorts Program in 2014.